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Come home to serenity and a distinguished lifestyle!

The serenity of a lavish home, the joy of a refined living space, the reward of a distinguished lifestyle
Belbol Ameublement is where creativity and beauty mingle with fabric and wallpaper to grace your home.



Fashion and interior design have always strongly influenced each other. This collection looks to the world of haute couture for inspiration – a world committed to craftsmanship, where each garment attests to the couturier's savoir-faire and exceptional artisanship. These special techniques and high-quality materials have now been combined in a collection of high-fashion wallcoverings.



Step into the world of Kanso, inspired by the Japanese concept of minimalism and simplicity in interior design. The collection embodies the essence of design, bringing together sleek and seemingly simple geometric patterns. The pronounced texture of the wallcoverings adds a tactile dimension to the room, while the soft velvet fabric lends it a sense of warmth and cosiness. The result is a collection that exudes luxury without excess, where all the patterns and colours are carefully designed to offer timeless elegance.



The wallcoverings in this collection revisit the glamour of mid-century Japan. After World War II, Japan experienced tremendous growth, sparking a transformation marked by vibrant optimism and progressive thinking. In interior design, this hopeful mood manifested itself in new, mostly shiny materials and exuberant patterns, of which there are an abundance in the Boutique wallcoverings.



Unveiled in our newest collection, archipelago, is a captivating tale of the elegance of Capiz shells, interwoven with the shimmering brilliance of mica minerals. Archipelago effortlessly combines the timeless sophistication of luxury with the exquisite beauty of Capiz and mica materials. Every design is the result of meticulous craftsmanship, passion and a profound reverence for the natural world surrounding us. The Capiz shells have been carefully chosen and expertly crafted to retain their unparalleled beauty and to showcase the shell’s full richness and illuminate its inherent splendor. The inherent luster of the mica harmoniously complements the opulence of the Capiz shells, making archipelago the perfect mix of both luxury and authenticity.



Omexco’s latest collection uses a diverse range of natural materials. In this collection, we aim to emphasize the inherent richness of natural fibres in their purest form. The interplay of weaves, the rhythm of the stripes, and the meticulously crafted geometric patterns have been carefully curated by our design studio. Their aim is to illuminate the myriad treasures these materials have to offer. The natural materials of intuition provide a tactile delight, awakening the senses and introducing a fresh dimension to your living spaces. intuition embodies the selection of an aesthetic and sensorially captivating design.


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